La Jolla Labs

High-throughput screening technology  

Design and screen 

HTS.bioTM brings the lab to your desktop with a full service, cloud-based engine for designing large RNA-targeting screens. 


The HTS DesignerTM software provides unprecedented flexibility for designing siRNA's, antisense oligo therapeutics and many other RNA modalities.  Our software is backed by a cutting-edge high-throughput laboratory for rapid turn-around for lead compound identification.


Simple screens

Screen up to 650 compounds for target knockdown studies in cell lines of your choice. 

SAR  Screens

Build large screens around selected genomic targets while easily modifying chemical parameters like sugar chemistry of oligo backbone.  

Build your own machine learning models

Build your own RNA targeting data models and use these as training sets for your own private ML models  

Dose-response screens

Screen up to 20 compounds for multiple concentration dose-response studies.  Generate reports for compounds including five point IC50 curves and off-target analysis for multiple genomes. 

Software Subscription

Subscribe to to build your own designs in your own private cloud.   Design and export compounds for in-house synthesis or export IDT codes for plate ordering.  Build a large dataset to serve as your own private training set for building your own regression models.

...provides unprecedented access to expensive drug design tools and screening technology one target at a time. is a product of La Jolla Labs,  a cutting edge RNA-based therapeutics company developing novel therapeutic screening technologies and modalities for rare disease. is breaking down the walls of large pharmaceutical companies and providing cloud--based access to expensive automation and screening instrumentation.  For the first time individuals and organizations can invest and own their own candidate compounds one target at a time.